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Artists Circle Provides Art for Kaiser Permanente’s New Capitol Hill Space

11 Apr

While any space can benefit from the addition of great art, we are especially grateful to have the opportunity to work in so many buildings with fantastic architecture that demand a unique approach be taken with the art in the space. Kaiser Permanente’s new medial office building on Capitol Hill is a perfect example of such a space and we were very excited to have the chance to flex our creative muscles with this project. Working closely with the client, we decided that the best approach was to use a mixture of a variety of media and styles rather than sticking with an assortment of a single type of art. The mixture of paintings, photography, wall mounted ceramic and glass sculpture and prints on plexiglass and bamboo panels provide a rich variety while the three-dimensional nature of many of the pieces adds depth to the space.

Angie Seckinger’s macrophotographic murals provide extremely detailed close-ups of plants and leaves and were a perfect fit for the spaces behind reception area desks. Their intense depth-of-field lends a great deal of drama to what might otherwise be a rather mundane-seeming feature of the building.


Glass and ceramic mosaic wall pieces by Barbara Galazzo and Janine Sopp provided a perfect solution for a difficult space: a long, gently curved wall that would prohibit the use of wall-mounted pieces on paper, canvas or other two-dimensional media. Barbara and Janine’s mosaics interact with the lighting, casting colored shadows on the wall and on each other as they are set at different distances from the surface. This installation effectively turns the entire wall into a huge curved canvas.

John Watson’s stunning details of leaves are a perfect fit for printing on large panels of sustainable bamboo. This unique presentation brings the piece out some distance from the wall and allows for a more natural look without the artificial cropping effect that can result from using a more traditional frame. The result is a much more organic approach to art installation that reflects the subjects of the pieces as well as the materials used in their construction.

The work of these three artists is just a sampling of the wealth of variety to be found in Kaiser’s new art collection. Not only is the art itself quite diverse, but the artists tapped for the project range from hand-picked local talents to artists from all over the country selected because we felt their work would be a perfect fit for the building. We’re very pleased with the results and are happy to say that the folks at Kaiser are, too! We think that the art chosen for the space goes a long way to scrub away any last traces of the “clinical” feel that can oftentimes make hospitals and doctors’ offices seem so unwelcoming, instead providing a sense of warmth and openness that we hope makes the space that much more pleasant for the staff to work in and for patients to experience during their visits to the facility.

Special thanks to Hye Jin Kim for her wonderful photographs of the installed pieces.


PNC Goodies

28 Oct

In a previous entry, we showcased a snapshot of a painting we installed at PNC Bank’s new regional headquarters, but we couldn’t resist sharing more pictures with you.  PNC was a delight to work with!  They selected some very unique and interesting pieces of artwork ranging from photographs taken at recycling plants (an homage to PNC’s Environmental Responsibility initiative) to monoprints and acrylic on mylar paintings.  PNC wanted to pay tribute to the DC arts scene by purchasing artwork by local, Washington area artists.  Fortunately, Artists Circle’s database of artists is largely DC proportioned, so we were ready for the challenge to meet PNC’s requirement.

Just a side note: the Gensler team’s talents really shine on this project.  In addition to a space featuring a “growing wall” of plants in the lobby, they also incorporated museum displays and wall graphics throughout the building, along with touch screen directories and displays in both the office building and branch.  It is certainly one of the nicest spaces Artists Circle has had an opportunity to work on!

Vicinity Opening THIS THURSDAY!

19 Apr

Day: Thursday, April 22nd
Time: 6 to 9pm

Place: Artists Circle Fine Art 13501 Travilah Road North Potomac, MD 20878 (click here for a Google map)

We hope you can join us for the Opening Reception for Vicinity: Show It Where You Make It.  Four of the five artists will be present: Francie Hester, Alan Simensky, Jessica van Brakle, and Pamela Viola (unfortunately, Angie Seckinger will be traveling in Spain).

Artists Circle’s Principal Jack Devine will give a talk about the artists’ work at 7pm. Light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be provided and the event is free and open to the public.  Valet parking.

New Artwork: Jessica van Brakle

11 Dec

DC area artist Jessica van Brakle stopped by the Artists Circle studio this afternoon for a visit.  Jessica, who grew up in Rockville, MD, creates her work by meticulously applying layers of different medium, including rolled paint, super fine tipped markers, and hand illustrated organic objects with paint.  We are always excited to come across an artist whose work is so carefully crafted.  Plus, we love the contrast between the rigid, straight lines of the cranes and geometric shapes with the more loose and flowing illustrations of nature.  Jessica’s pieces can be seen in various places throughout DC; most recently, one of her pieces was used for the cover of Modern Luxury’s DC Magazine.  Check out some of Jessica’s pieces below and email for further information.

New Artwork: Rebecca Koury

23 Sep

Artist Rebecca Koury has just completed a new series of paintings on canvas (see images below).  They are currently available for purchase from Artists Circle. Rebecca describes the work as:

“…heavily textured and layered with glazes and opaque paint.  This paint has a tint of color & iridescence, offering a unique ‘interference flip’ (it changes color depending on what angle you are viewing it from).”

Interested in further information about these works?  Email  Each painting measures 34×44 inches.


New Artwork: James Leonard

4 Sep

One factor in developing our relationship with new artists is that they are flexible: willing to accept feedback from our clients regarding scale, color, or composition.  California artist James Leonard emits the same kind of “go with the flow” attitude as his layered, smeared paintings portray.  To stumble across an artist as laid back and professional as James is refreshing.  Because of this, Artists Circle has enjoyed working with him on several projects over the five years, including a custom 4-part painting for Meany & Oliver Companies and a large piece for Washington Real Estate Investment Trust.  James just sent us these four paintings, each measuring 36×36.  Please email for pricing information.

Society for Neuroscience

19 Aug

We were finally able to snap some installation shots of a piece we framed and installed in Society for Neuroscience’s (SfN) 14th Street building several months ago.  The artist, Greg Dunn, is currently working on a doctorate in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania.  His selection as the artist for SfN’s lobby could not have been more fitting!  SfN wanted a piece of artwork that would reflect their ownership and occupancy of the building, but that wasn’t so obviously about neuroscience that other building tenants wouldn’t be able to appreciate it.

From Greg’s website:
“I enjoy Asian art. I particularly love minimalist scroll and screen painting from the Edo period in Japan. I am also a fan of neuroscience. Therefore, it was a fine day when two of my passions came together upon the realization that the elegant forms of neurons (the cells that comprise your brain) can be painted expressively in the Asian sumi-e style. Neurons may be tiny in scale, but they possess the same beauty seen in traditional forms of the medium (trees, flowers, and animals).”


New Artwork: David Geiser

21 Jul

New York artist, David Geiser, is as fun to speak with as his paintings are to look at.  Working in a Pollock-esque manner, he lays panels of wood on the floor of his studio, adding layer upon layer of pigment, paint, clear medium, and gold or silver leafing.  His paintings are reminiscent of the colorful characters he came up with when he lived in San Francisco and illustrated underground comic books;  despite having a slightly whimsical flavor, their color palettes allow them to fit into corporate environments perfectly.  A few of David’s new pieces are below.  Email if you would like to learn more about his work.