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White Flint at the North Bethesda Market

14 Jun

Jim Sanborn’s sculpture often serves a document of a particular event in history that had far-reaching ramifications for humankind. Pieces like Terrestrial Physics and, especially, Atomic Time serve as confrontational, awe-inspiring and perhaps even frightening reminders of great strides forward in scientific progress during the middle of the last century, but Sanborn’s new work at JBG’s North Bethesda Market in White Flint, Alluvium, is more subtle but no less documentarian in its approach.

We here at Artists Circle are proud to have had the chance to work with Mr. Sanborn and JBG to create such a powerful and indeed, beautiful piece of public art at the North Bethesda Market.

Alluvium Installation

Jim Sanborn installing Alluvium

Taking its name from the white “flint” (i.e. quartz) so common in Central Maryland, the area today is most well known for its shopping mall and Metro station, with the North Bethesda Market already proving itself to be a popular destination. However, development necessarily alters the landscape and shapes the environment into something more suitable for our needs. Oftentimes the change is so dramatic that any trace of the previous, natural environment is completely wiped away. Alluvium, with its waterfalls that recall Great falls and quartz-rich granite that echoes the quartz one would surely find deep below the surface of the paseo on which the sculpture sits,  reveals its allusions to the geography of the region as one sits and contemplates its elements.

Alluvium serves as an excellent example of how public art can be constructed at new development sites in such a way as to document the history of the place where it is built and to celebrate that natural heritage. However, with its machine-cut lettering and industrial-scale copper sheeting, the foundation of the piece is itself engineered by modern man rather than carved by centuries of erosion and geological activity, inextricably linking it with the development it is a part of.

Alluvium Unveiled

The Unveiling of Alluvium

Read more about Alluvium, including commentary on the piece and the project by Sanborn himself, in this recent article in The Washington Post.


Artists Circle Roars Back at the 2011 NAIOP Bus Tour

11 Apr

Every year, NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, hosts a bus tour and trade show in the Washington D.C. area featuring commercial properties and other real estate opportunities.  Of course, this is a golden opportunity for Artists Circle to showcase our services to potential clients who may be looking for professional art services in their properties (or future projects).

This year's Bus Tour's theme is "Roaring Back"

Artists Circle will have a booth set up at the trade show with information about our services and members of our staff will be available for any questions about who we are and what we do. We’re in the business of making going to work something to look forward to, and our presence at the NAIOP Bus Tour trade show will be no exception to this attitude, so expect fun at the Artists Circle booth!

Our Fiscal Year in Review

3 Aug

For a year that will go in the record books – mostly for all the wrong reasons – Artists Circle is happy to have had a strong FY-10 and is looking forward to a raging FY-11!

Our periodic email updates throughout the year keep you appraised of many of our projects, but most never hit the blue screen.  So we are devoting this post to snapshots of the art our clients have asked for our help with over the past year.

– Jack and the Artists Circle Team

Mayer Brown

Davis Wright Tremaine

Council on Foreign Relations

The JBG Companies - 1101 K Street

PNC Bank's Regional Headquarters

Keller and Heckman

Happenings in May

14 May

Our lack of posts doesn’t mean we have nothing going on.  Quite the contrary, actually!  Recent happenings include:

Julianna Hubbard

– We welcomed Julianna Hubbard on board as an intern with us.  Julianna is a Senior student at Holy Cross and will attend Fordham University in New York in the Fall.

– One of our favorite clients, Keller and Heckman, has been working with us to develop a unique art collection for their newly renovated space (photographs to follow this posting).

– Several clients enlisted us for collection management services (moving, placing, and installing art).  In the past month, we have worked with law firms Davis Wright Tremaine and Mayer Brown, the American Health Lawyers Association, African Wildlife Foundation, and the American Society of Hematology.

– We provided artwork for the American Academy of Dermatology, TSC, WRIT, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the Insured Retirement Institute.

Principal Jack Devine served as a judge for the Bethesda Fine Arts Festival last weekend.

Our Spring Show Opening Reception, Beer Tasting, and Montgomery County Historical Society events were well attended and we’re getting ready for “movie night” on May 22nd.


28 Apr

Local Libations

Learn how artisan brew masters from MD, VA, and DE make aesthetic choices that result in the delicious, barley-based beverages you’ll be enjoying!

Artists Circle Fine Art’s BEER TASTING is this Saturday, May 1st from 5 to 7pm.  Principal Jack Devine will be giving a talk about the brewing process as you sip away.

Located in Montgomery County, we’re just a HOP, skip, and a jump away from DC.  Here is a Google map of our location in North Potomac, MD.

To make sure we have enough brew available, kindly RSVP to  Thanks!

For further information >.


31 Mar

Artists Circle Fine Art announces its first 2010 exhibition (April 21st through May 31st), featuring the works of five local artists who were selected for their immensely diverse portrayal of different subject matter, unique use of materials and incredible craftsmanship. Artists Circle Fine Art considers these artists some of DC’s “hidden art gems”.

ARTISTS: Francie Hester, Angie Seckinger, Alan Simensky,
Jessica van Brakle, and Pamela Viola

An OPENING RECEPTION will be held on Thursday, April 22nd 6 to 9pm
(open to the public; light refreshments)

FOR A SCHEDULE OF EVENTS AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, download our press release — Vicinity_PressRelease.
Inquiries or event reservations can be made by emailing

Project Manager joins CREW (DC)

1 Feb

Artists Circle’s Project Manager, Katie Coursey, is one of CREW’s newest members.  From the CREW website: “Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) is a membership orgnization founded in 1979 to promote professional opportunities and business relationships for women in the commercial real estate industry.”

Leadership, Service & Art in Your Business

18 Jan

Click on the image below to view our latest eNewsletter.

Artists Circle to Launch New Website

15 Jan

Artists Circle Fine Art is proud to announce that we will soon be launching a new website!  The site — Washington Photog — will feature images taken in DC and the surrounding environs.  We have carefully curated the photographs to reflect a diverse range of styles.  Check back for further information or send an email to with your contact information to be included on our mailing list.

Artists Circle: A Full-Service Art Advisory Firm

22 Dec

The James Renwick Alliance’s quarterly newsletter features an article about Artists Circle Fine Art.  You can see it here (page 13).