Washington Obscura: Beer in Spring is a Wonderful Thing

8 Jun

After the success of last fall’s Slake Thyself! beer tasting here at the Artists Circle barn, we decided we’d better give it another go once weather turned warm enough that people would be willing to stand around in it and drink some beer. This time, however, we wanted to feature some artists who are creating new and exciting work.

While we featured local beer at the fall tasting, there’s such a wealth of flavors to be found in seasonal brews that we thought we’d stick with the local theme but feature new beers and new breweries.  Beers by Baying Hound, Flying Dog, Troegs, Starr Hill, Brewer’s Art, Dogfish Head, Heavy Seas and Fordham made an appearance (and disappearance!).

As we pondered what sort of art to feature, we decided that featuring two new-to-us photographers as well as new work by photographers we’ve worked with before would be a fantastic idea. Featured in the show were works by Holga heroine Erin Antognoli, photocollagist Matthew Parker, pinhole photographer Scott Speck and HDR guru Angela Pan. We even blew up one of Angela’s photos to 10′ x 8′ and had it cover an entire panel here in the barn gallery! All of the work was fantastic and we were so thankful to have all of the photographers themselves attend the event to shed some light on their methods and processes.

Washington Obscura turned out to be a huge success. A big thanks to Becky Ward for her wonderful photos of the event. We can’t wait for the next one!


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