Above and Beyond Art Services at the Gates Foundation

8 Jun

While we always like to highlight projects where the focus has been adding fantastic new art to a space, we thought it was important to shed some focus on the more service-oriented projects that make up a large percentage of what we do here at Artists Circle. We pride ourselves in being able to tackle the most complex of art collection management projects so when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation came to us seeking our expertise, we were more than happy to help.

Though they have an office here in D.C. (recently renovated with interior design by Diana Horvat with Envision Design), the Gates Foundation is headquartered in the Seattle area. Our contact throughout the project is based out of the Seattle office, so nearly all of the coordination for the project was done remotely. First, we de-installed all of the artwork from the D.C. office, packed it in crates and had it shipped back to Seattle.

Next, we worked with the Foundation’s preferred frame shop in Seattle and had all of the new artwork (photographs of the Foundation’s charity work in action) framed and shipped to to us. After unpacking all of the photographs, we transported it to the job site and installed it, under the supervision of our Gates Foundation contact who flew out to D.C. for the installation. In addition to company-owned pieces installed in the public spaces, we also installed personal art in employee offices.

The Foundation also purchased some African textiles from a gallery in Chicago. These unique pieces were then delivered to Artist Circle then installed at the job site. For each of the pieces installed, we also created and installed information plaques so that employees and visitors might learn more about what the photographs document.

Working with a client remotely has the potential to make a complex project of this scale even more complicated, but we were happy to work with such an organized client whose communication helped us keep on top of all of the logistics involved in de-installing, moving, shipping, unpacking and reinstalling such a large quantity of art. It was also a great feeling doing a service-based job for an organization that has dedicated so much time and energy to helping people worldwide.


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