Building an Art Collection at Hunton & Williams

13 Dec

Moving into a new space is an exciting time for our clients, and we’re always happy to take on some of that excitement for ourselves when a new space calls for new art. When Hunton & Williams decided that updating their art collection was in order as part of their move to a beautiful new Studios Architecture-designed space, they tasked Artists Circle with coming up with a plan for the update.

Polly Apfelbaum's lively "Color Field Notes" light up the space

We decided that a mixture of original pieces by local and national artists, such  James Zwadlo and Francie Hester, as well as an assortment of colorful prints by artists such as Janet Fish, Christo, Robert Cottingham and Gene Davis, would bring some lively and dynamic variety to the clean space. Dimensional pieces, such as John Garrett’s Casino wall hanging and Emily Piccirillo’s 49th Parallel construction, provide contrast with both the walls on which they’re installed and the two-dimensional prints and paintings in the collection.

Emily Piccirillo's "49th Parallel"

Hunton & Williams had a collection of art that they had built over the years. Artists Circle oversaw the management of this collection, working with an involved art committee to determine which pieces would work well alongside the firm’s new acquisitions and which pieces needed to be phased out. Pieces to be re-used were removed from their old frames and mountings and updated to more contemporary and archival displays so as to fit better along the new additions to the collection.

We believe that Hunton & Williams’ new art collection will be the envy of art lovers and collectors who get the opportunity to see the space, containing both household names in Op and Pop art as well as pieces by exciting new up-and-comers in the local and national art scene. The collection contains such vibrant and spirited pieces that even those unfamiliar with the collection’s origins will be able to enjoy them.

Re-framed Sam Gilliam diptych from H&W's existing collection

Prints on paper by Arman

James Zwadlo's "Pedestrians 159"

James Rosenquist's "Yellow Landing"


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