Celebrate Labor at VisArts

13 Sep

Recent political turmoil over the place of labor unions in contemporary America has far-reaching ripples that have even begun to rattle the art world. The Washington Post, among other publications, reported back in April on the controversial removal of a mural by Judy Taylor depicting Maine’s labor history from that state’s Department of Labor by order of Governor LePage. While the mural itself remains in Maine, faithful, nearly life-size reproductions of the mural’s eleven panels are now on display at VisArts in Rockville as a part of the center’s exhibit, “Celebrate Labor: Where Art and Politics Meet.

"Maine Labor History Mural" by Judy Taylor

"Maine Labor History Mural" by Judy Taylor

Alongside Judy Taylor’s panels are reproductions of Michael Spafford’s “Twelve Labors of Hercules,” another mural commissioned by a state government (Washington in this case) that was later removed due to controversy over the mural’s content.

"Twelve Labors of Hercules" by Michael Spafford

"Twelve Labors of Hercules" by Michael Spafford

Jack Devine, Principal of Artists Circle and board member at VisArts, worked with VisArts curator Nancy Nesvet to provide framing for the show. We’re proud to have been able to contribute to a show that brings decommissioned public artworks back to the public and to a new audience.

Read more about the show in this article featured in The Washington Post. The exhibition is on view until September 20th at VisArts in Rockville.


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